UW-Madison Public History Project

The University of Wisconsin-Madison Public History Project is a three-year effort to uncover and give voice to the histories of racism, exclusion, and discrimination. By using a combination of archival research and oral history, the project aims to center the voices of those who experienced discrimination, resisted it, and persevered through it. By uncovering these histories and reckoning with them, UW-Madison can work towards creating a more equitable campus community.

The project will culminate in a physical exhibit in the Fall of 2021, a digital exhibit with an online digital collection of all research materials, a lecture series featuring national and local speakers, and curricular materials. The project will also begin the planning process for the legacy of the project investigating how histories of exclusion become fully included in the broader narratives of UW-Madison.

For more information, visit publichistoryproject.wisc.edu

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